Lumornor Forod

protestant batman of the high wood


Coming from a long line of acolytes to the esoteric order of Laerorn, worshipers of Sylvanus and keepers of the secrets of the wood, Lumornor Forod has spent the last two centuries listening to the whispers of the trees and sylphs and remembering all deep in the heart of The High Forest as his late master Uiron wished for him to do.

Lumornor has now one more task; to find an apprentice and pass on all the knowledge he has accrued then teach them to listen to the voices of nature as Uiron had done to him, just as all the Laerorn before him had done throughout the ages. He had already considered many of the younger wood elves that he knew to be potential students, even the ones that were not too fond of him he had courted promising them great knowledge and a lifetime of purpose all to no avail, it seemed to him they had been told not to befriend him by the druids. They spoke ill of him, they called him Loom and likened him to an apparition haunting the forest.

After months of contemplation he jumped down from his favorite branch on a monstrous oak he called his home, gathered all his belongings, and set out towards the edge of The High Forest. Was he going to look for an apprentice elsewhere? of another race? or was he going to abandon the ways of the Laerorn and share his secrets to the outside world? Even Loom does not know what it is exactly he set out to do.

Lumornor Forod

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