A cute forest gnome




Once upon a time, in a gnome town named “Wooly foot”- a gnome town that lived near a human town. a baby girl gnome was born to a father and a mother gnome and they named her Eepersip, she was their 25th child.
Even as a young gnome Eepersip was particularly fond and protective of nature and animals, she was born with “The Green Thumb” which is a rare birth-blessing in the world of the forest gnomes.
Soon Eepersip became bored and disappointed living near humans, serving them, working for them, fixing their tools and mending their equipment and machines. She saw how men disregarded nature.
So she left Wooly foot and became an outlander, in the outskirts of her town she found many different kinds of people and learned from them, she learned to play many instruments, learned to read, and there began her study in nature magic.
She joined the border patrol because she sees herself as the unoffical guardian of nature and friend to all animals. Proficient with the knife and skills of stealth and intelligence, she hopes to discover a way in which man and nature can co-exist, and will work hard to understand the powers that govern each race. She is quite friendly but has a vengeful and firey spirit when she is pushed


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