Border Patrols


P.S. with berries

Dear Lady Silverhand,


It has been 6 lunar cycles since our battle with the ranger and the lunar druid, an ear still hanging around my neck as a reminder that there will be battles to come with enemies that will surprise us. I never thought that the fates would tie all us six together given our different backgrounds, personalities and “peculiar” ways, but somehow, we were able to work together in the end… with a few causalities and fatalities.

We still don’t know where Krum is, none of my teammates (if I should now begin calling them that now) seem to be giving away any of their feelings about the situation, we might have changed in some small ways but we are still so very characteristically secretive. Lumornor has gone of to visit some elves I would tell you where that is except that I couldn’t begin to understand, pronounce, or spell the name of this place. Dust as usual has pick pocketed and sold mushrooms and drank throughout the whole trip from Waterdeep, together with Mr. Tooke- they scare the people that get too close to the caravans as a way to pass the time in our travels, Neil of course, is still haunted by his past and trains all day to distract himself, as if anything could distract him from his biracial problems. I myself have a long way to go in mastering my “green thumb”.

 if this group of thieves and outlanders are ever going to work together under your service again, we must learn to work as a team.


Your BFF



Cokesakto diana_aviado

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