Border Patrols

P.S. with berries

Dear Lady Silverhand,


It has been 6 lunar cycles since our battle with the ranger and the lunar druid, an ear still hanging around my neck as a reminder that there will be battles to come with enemies that will surprise us. I never thought that the fates would tie all us six together given our different backgrounds, personalities and “peculiar” ways, but somehow, we were able to work together in the end… with a few causalities and fatalities.

We still don’t know where Krum is, none of my teammates (if I should now begin calling them that now) seem to be giving away any of their feelings about the situation, we might have changed in some small ways but we are still so very characteristically secretive. Lumornor has gone of to visit some elves I would tell you where that is except that I couldn’t begin to understand, pronounce, or spell the name of this place. Dust as usual has pick pocketed and sold mushrooms and drank throughout the whole trip from Waterdeep, together with Mr. Tooke- they scare the people that get too close to the caravans as a way to pass the time in our travels, Neil of course, is still haunted by his past and trains all day to distract himself, as if anything could distract him from his biracial problems. I myself have a long way to go in mastering my “green thumb”.

 if this group of thieves and outlanders are ever going to work together under your service again, we must learn to work as a team.


Your BFF


Episode 2: The City of Splendors
2nd Session (9/16/2016)

Having taken care of the bandit ambush, the adventurers finally enter Waterdeep through the city's southern Trade Gate. Their fellow passenger Ambassador Sharkal of Cormyr informs them that he intends to have them recognized and commemorated by Waterdeep's Open Lord, the Lady Laeral Silverhand. With little else to do except stick together, at least until the ceremony, most of the adventurers relocate to the nearest (and cheapest) Tavern in Waterdeep's Dock Ward. While Eepersip talks up the bartender for general information on the City of Splendors, Dust plies his trade to part many of the more inebriated customers with some of their excess funds. Pippin later inquires the bartender about more underground dealings, seeking information on personal matters relating to the man he hunts. Meanwhile, Krum wanders through the night, seeing the sights of the squalid Dock Ward and getting the lay of the land.

The next day, Eepersip and Lumornor find themselves a blacksmith to maintain their equipment, while Dust, Neil, Pippin, and Krum try to get their handle on the city and recent events. They learn more about the city's political legacy, and that the city's position of Open Lord has recently changed hands from one Dagult Neverember to the current Laeral Silverhand. Who these personages are is a matter of later discovery. They also learn more about the city's recent bandit trouble. Later that day, they receive their summons from Castle Waterdeep for a small ceremony tomorrow.

Early the next day, the party attend the ceremony, reuniting with Ambassador Sharkal, but also meeting Lady Silverhand herself, as well as her "right-hand", the Blackstaff Vajra Safahr. There, under some amount of backsniping between the Open Lord and the Blackstaff, they are recommended by Sharkal to get to the root of the bandit problem. It seems the Lords of Waterdeep suspect that the bandits are too well-trained, well-equipped, and well-organized to be simple highwaymen. They suspect some foreign power is behind it. The group are tasked to find who or whatever is supporting the bandits. They accept.

Journey to Waterdeep

Three full grown men, and three half-height, Heading to Waterdeep.

And in the wake of fading light, Go forth instead of sleep.

A shout rings out from he who dares, A steel bolt whizzes past.

It goes and hits one of the mares, From wagon, they are cast.

The elven druid shoots a light, A bandit was now marked,

Enemies were at left and right, As all the arrows arched.

A halfling does his bow routine, And hits the man dead on.

A sneaky gnome, remains unseen, as battle lines are drawn.

The rogue stabs the boss in the rear, as if to scratch an itch.

He ran again, to disappear, and shouted "Fuck you, bitch!"

With half his health, and nearly beat, The fight could not be won.

The leader orders a retreat, As he began to run.

A javelin, a saving throw, severs the captain's head.

A battlecry, from high and low. And off the others fled.


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